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    Web Form Creation & Hosting
What is FoSpace? (FormSpace)
The ability to publish self-calculating order forms, online surveys, contact forms,
employment applications, rental applications or any type of online form imaginable,
without having to hire a programmer, has finally been realized. Our two step process:
1) Create an online form with our drag & drop Form Creator.
2) Start collecting information from your clients, securely.

or start now with a template

Feature of the Day    Database Field Level Encryption Many data certifications require that certain types of sensitive data be stored on
encrypted databases. We offer the option to encrypt any text field for the duration of it`s storage on our databases. Not
to be confused with SSL, which encrypts data transmitted over the Internet (which we also offer), database encryption protects
the data after it has been received and stored. Items like credit card number, social security number, health related data
and any personal information considered sensitive are good candidates for database encryption.