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About Us

FoSpace is brought to you by Elbowspace Inc.

ElbowSpace Inc. began in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001 to serve the interactive web needs of the business community. Luis Azcona, ElbowSpace Inc.ís founder, recognized the need for a comprehensive web development solution. This solution includes self-service web tools. Mr. Azcona knew first hand the challenges involved in creating an inexpensive professional web system with the then available resources. He set about to provide the right tools for the non-technical web developer to create systems typically reserved for the experienced computer programmer. He succeeded by creating www.fospace.com, a series of web tools designed to help web designers, of all experience levels, achieve an interactive web site on their own.

ElbowSpace Inc.
7339 E Evans Road
Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85260