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    Web Form Creation & Hosting
           Our features
   Server Data Center & Physical Security
      Location: Our servers are colocated with IO Data Centers in Scottsdale Arizona.
      Phoenix colocation. An ideal location. Essentially free of natural disasters or ‘mega city’ political risks, the Phoenix/Scottsdale climate and geography provide an unusually stable environment for colocation. Phoenix also offers a compelling power and utility infrastructure.
      High levels of security includes access card system with CCTV, externsive video surveillance, biometric iris scanner, 24X7X365 security staff & VESDA and pre-action fire suppression.
      High Availablity Power: Arizona Public Service(electric company) backed up by 9.4 Mw UPS and five 2.0 Mw Catapillar Diesel generators along with two additional 1.75 Mw Catapillar Diesel generators. 27000 gallons of diesel fuel allow for at least 48 hours of continuous up time, during a power outage, before the aquisition of new fuel is required.
      High Availablity Network: The data center building is network neutral served by several major data and telecommunications carriers; including Cox, AGL, Qwest, and AT&T. Multiple redundant/diverse paths (across any/all of these carriers) ensure the highest server availablility.
      Standard SSL 128 Bit Security: All information entered by your clients is protected by the highest level of security; SSL 128 bit encryption. Perfect for credit card & other sensitive information. This protection comes standard on all form subscription packages.
      Secure Images: Give your users confidence by keeping your form page 100% secure. When images resolve from an unsecured server, the browser will generate a message, to your users, similar to the following: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items". Having us host your images and form page (on our 100% secure servers) eliminates these annoying messages. There is no extra charge to host your images.
      Password protected forms allow you to pick & choose who will submit your forms.
      Display IP Addresses: Form results (both email & database) display the ip address of the submitter.
      Block IP Addresses: Block an individual ip address or a range of ip addresses, to prevent unauthorized (spam) use of your forms.
      Audit Trail Logs: We keep up to one year of audit trail logs covering anyone that has logged into your FoSpace.com account. This includes logs for all of your subordinate (child) accounts. This information is available for your review realtime, 24/7.
      Anti-Spam Security Code Image (Captcha): Prevent unauthorized (spam) use of your forms by forcing your clients to enter the correct security code. The code is displayed on the form as an image that is not readable to automated programs.
      Onsite and Offsite Backups: Backups of the entire system are taken every evening.
      Side-by-side or top-to-bottom field label alignment: You have the option of having your field labels directly above the field or to the left of it.
      Font choices & sizes: Choose from a mutitude of font & font sizes for your labels, comments & titles.
      Free image hosting: Because we allow you to upload logos & images from your site, the pages we host become a seamless continuation of your pages. Your clients will not know they have left your site.
      Color Customization: Modify a multitude of text and background colors, on your form, to match your site.
      Page Style Templates: We offer 5 different page style templates, allowing you to closely match the format of your own web site pages.
      Custom Form Header/Footer: This option allows you to create, copy and/or customize portions of HTML code (header/footer) that will surround the main body of your form. This feature will allow a higher customization level than the 5 page style templates offered. Some HTML knowledge is required.
      Form Converter: The ultimate in customization. Convert an existing form to work with our system. The converted form retains all of it's original display charataristics, while allowing us to process the results, securely, behind the scenes. Use a web page generator (like MS Frontpage) to create your form or have a web designer create it for you, then convert it.
   Ease Of Use
      Form Creator: Our "Form Creator" tool allows you to create a form by point-and-click, with no programming or installation required.
      Quick Start: Choosing from our standard form templates will allow you get a form up and running much faster. Once loaded to your form, template line items may be modified to reflect your preferences.
      Real Time Update: All form modifications happen realtime. Changes are immediately reflected on the form.
      Works with your current Web Hosting: No need to change web hosts, FoSpace.com works with your current site.
      Multiple Web Site Access: No restictions across mutiple web sites. Link to our forms from anywhere.
      Free Form Start Service: We can create a form for you, usually for free (depending on complexity).
   Form Elements (Input Fields)
      Text Box: A a single-line input field, that can capture a relatively small answer, made up of free form text.
      Selection Box: The selection Box creates a menu from which you are allowed to select one option.
      Check Box: Checkboxes are on/off switches that may be toggled by the user.
      Radio Buttons: Radio buttons are like checkboxes except that they are mutually exclusive: when one is switched 'on', all others within a grouping are switched 'off'' .
      Text Area: A a multiple-line input field, that can capture a relatively large answer, made up of free form text. This field type also includes a character counter and the ability to set a character limit.
      File Selection: This input type allows the user to select files, from their computer, so that their contents may be submitted with a form. Your clients may upload & store images and documents with this feature (eg. A resume in MSWord format). Only one file selection is allowed per form with the basic package. The standard package (& above) will allow up to 5 file selections per form.
      Password Field: A a single-line input field, created exclusively for passwords, which allows the entry of free form text while concealing the true identity of the characters.
      Sub-title Lines make it possible to group & describe like line items together.
      Comment Lines make it possible to document your form and also ask lengthy questions.
      Link Lines make it possible to embed URL links in the body of your form. Perfect for help & agreement web pages.
      Spacer Lines make it possible to add blank lines to improve the readability of your form.
      Imbedded Images make it possible to add an image to the body of your form, to be used as a product/service illustration or anything you wish.
      Self-totaling product order forms allow you to sell the products of your choice, online, without shopping cart software.
      Required Entry: An option to make certain form elements manditory, ensures your clients enter all of your required data.
      Optional Form Element Edits ensure your clients enter only valid data. Both Javascript & server side edits provide double validation for entered data.
      Hidden & Read Only Text Fields: Make any text field read only (protected) or hidden. Hidden fields are perfect for passing values from form to form without your client's knowledge. Read only fields are perfect for passing values your clients can see but can't modify.
      Generated Number/Order Number: Add a generated number, to your forms, that increments after every form transaction. This number can be used as an order number that helps you uniquely identify your sales transactions.
      Conditional Logic: Create forms that can show or hide fields based on your client's responses.
   Sell Products/Services
      Self-totaling product order forms allow you to sell the products of your choice, online, without shopping cart software.
      PayPal Interface: Accept payments from your customers, without any manual intervention and without additional costs, by interfacing your order forms with PayPal. Setup takes five minutes and there are no additional charges.
      Authorize.net Interface: Accept payments from your customers and without any manual intervention by interfacing your order forms with Autorize.net. A merchant account and an Authorize.net account are required for this option.
   Form Results
      Secure Login: View/Download your form results securely.
      Client Data (Form Results): View multiple form result records, at the same time, in a horizontal format, with form element labels for column headings. Also, view form results in a full page format one record at a time.
      Global Inbox (Form Results): View your form results, accross all the forms in your portfolio, in one list.
      Download Results: Download the collected information in an MS Excel, CSV or text format.
      Advanced Search Feature: Search for specific form results by any field on your form.
      Edit Form Results: By flipping a swith you can make your client's form results modifiable by you.
      Delete Form Results: Delete your form results one at a time.
      Bulk Delete Form Results: Delete your form results all at once.
      Six Months Form Results Retention: We retain six months worth of your form results (client data) at no extra cost to you. Upgrade packages are available that allow two years data retention. No MB limit on storage.
      Form statistic reporting keeps you informed about your client's form results utilization.
      Additional User Accounts: Set up subordinate (child) accounts to have form results viewing and/or delete rights to the forms of your choosing.
      Link From Anywhere: There is no limit on the number of different locations you can link to your form from.
      Mobile Friendly Format: Our Mobile Friendly Format Link, when clicked, produces a web form page that comfortably fits in the small screen of most mobile devices.
      Embedded Form Plugin: Allows you to embed our form into one of your existing web pages.
      Download form HTML File: Allows you to upload our form to your site in it's entirety, as created, by you on Elbowspace.
      Data Collection Setting: Choose to store your form results on our databases without any notification; or choose to store your form results on our databases along with an email notification; or simply choose to have the form results emailed to you directly.
      Passing Form Values: Prefill any text field on your form by passing form values in the link. No setup required and there are no additional charges. Simply add the field names, along with the values, to the URL (web address) string.
      Multiple Form Branching: Create a form that does not intially record information, but passes it to one of several form choices. This benefit in conjuction with the 'Passing Form Values' benefit and the Hidden & Read Only fields will alllow you to quickly create a system of interfacing forms, to meet most any online needs.
      No Hidden Email Addresses: Hidden email fields are not required, thwarting spammers from getting your email address.
      Confirmation Page: Optional form confirmation page allows your clients to review their form entry before submitting.
      Thank You Page: A "Thank You" page is the page your clients are directed to after a successful transaction. 1) You have the option to use our default "Thank You" page which uses the images from your regular form. The text is modifiable. 2) You also have the option to have your clients directed to a "Thank You" page on your own server. 3) The third opiton is to have your clients directed to another form in your portfolio. 4) The final option is to upload your own custom "Thank You" page to our servers (Along with images).
      Save & Retrieve Form Data: This feature allows your client to save form results, to be completed at a later time. They will be prompted to enter a userid & password, which they will enter later, when they are ready to resume the form entry. It can also be used to populate a new form with your client's most recent submission.
      Third Party Interface (API): This feature allows the automatic transfer of form data to applications like Paypal, Google Spreadsheets, Authorize.net, Quickbooks Online or any online software, in real-time, without having to use manual import/export functions.
      Auto-Confimation Email (auto-responder) is a notification or response sent to your users, when they submit a form. It can be used as a purchase receipt, a thank you, a notification that information was recieved or to communicate any message. This feature also allows you to display information entered on the form, back to your users. Customize your Auto-Confirmation Email to best suit your communication needs.
      Form Resuts Notification Email is an email sent to you, letting you know a form was submitted. These emails can be sent per occurance or once daily, it's your choice.
   Other features
      Subordinate (Child) Account(s): Set up subordinate (child) account(s) to have form results viewing and/or delete rights to the forms of your choosing.
      No advertisements on your form pages (with the exception of "Free Edition" forms).
      Absolutely no contracts or long-term commitment.