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Fast, Easy and FREE!
    Web Form Creation & Hosting
Why use FoSpace Forms?
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1. Easy to use.
    Our drag & drop form creator (editor) allows anyone to publish new beautiful forms with the click of a mouse.
    Create & maintain your forms by moving things around on the page. No programming or HTML knowledge is required.
2. Customize your forms on multiple levels.
    a. Free image hosting: Because we allow you to upload logos & images from your site, the pages we host
        become a seamless continuation of your pages. Your clients will not know they have left your site.
    b. Color Customization: Modify a multitude of text and background colors, on your form, to match your site.
    c. Page Style Templates: We offer 5 different page style templates, allowing you to closely match the format
        of your own web site pages.
    d. Custom Form Header/Footer: This option allows you to create, copy and/or customize portions of HTML
        code (header/footer) that will surround the main body of your form. This feature will allow a higher customization
        level than the 5 page style templates offered. Some HTML knowledge is required.
    e. Form Converter: The ultimate in customization. Convert an existing form to work with our system. The
        converted form retains all of it's original display characteristics, while allowing us to process the results,
        securely, behind the scenes. Use a web page generator (like MS Frontpage) to create your form or have
        a web designer create it for you, then convert it.
3. It's Free!!!
    Our Elementary subscription package is absolutely free and includes Security (SSL).. Most other carriers
    do not include SSL until their $20.00 tier. Also, custom or desktop software could run into the thousands to
    develope, host & maintain. Hosting is always included with all of our subscription packages.
4. Very Secure.
    Our servers are located at I/O Data Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona; an area of the country known for being virtually
    free of natural disasters. We use 128 bit encryption, on ALL of our subscription packages, to protect your data.
5. No Contracts, Period!
    There are no obligatioons of any type required by FoSapce. When you are done using our forms, simply don't renew.
6. Very Fast Developement.
    The programming & database administration involved with creating functional forms could take weeks or months.
    Creating a form with FoSapce takes minutes.
7. We do the hosting.
    Once you've create your forms, you don't have to worry about where and how much it will cost to host it. The hosting
    is already included in our pricing.